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Industries we

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"I have successfully managed and owned businesses in a variety of industries on three continents, including: clinical research, telecom services, advertising media, jewellery retail and manufacturing, barber shops, health supplement store, restaurants, collection agencies, glycol recovery services, military supply, industrial tools, construction, translation services, dollar stores and cloud storage."  

-- Colin Povall

Advertising and Marketing

CJC can customize a digital advertising campaign that serves your needs. To better serve you, we have partnered with JDS Media that has been building a Canada-wide digital media screen network.


We use our time-tested system to streamline your retail business processes and help increase your bottom line. Some of the tasks we undergo are to ensure that you always have your best-selling items in stock and eliminate or reduce your least profitable items through a variety of promotional processes.


Our vast experience in the information technology field gives us a firm understanding of the business processes that work well in this sector. The processes we put in place will eliminate or reduce bottlenecks and improve efficiency and communication.

Financial and Banking

The financial services industry turns to us to assess and respond to their complex technological issues and use our guidance for privacy and efficiency related issues. Our business processes also aid in streamlining their communication and improving their overall efficiency.


We understand the unique challenges in the health care industry that is faced by clinicians, patients, administrators and other health care professionals and deliver viable solutions to improve their business processes and efficiency.


Colin James Consulting has been part of the jewellery industry for over 25 years at the retail, wholesale and manufacturing levels –online and offline. This has imbued us with a profound understanding of all aspects of the jewellery business. Whether you are a start-up jewellery website or an established manufacture, we can help you navigate any and all hurdles your business is facing. 

Real Estate

We understand the complexities of the dynamic real estate business. This business requires handling multiple business processes such as tracking different locations, handling multiple projects, inventory management and so on. Our hands-on experience in this sector will assist you in streamlining your business processes and improve efficiency and growth.

Energy and Utilities

Our understanding of initiatives within the utilities and energy industries provides us with the insight and effort required to implement new projects successfully in this specialized environment.

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