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Why Colin James Consulting?

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Colin Povall, the founder of Colin James Consulting, is a highly successful seasoned business executive who has founded and managed many successful businesses.

These businesses represent a variety of industries including:  a transportation company in Africa, a clinical research organization, digital signage, jewellery manufacturing & retail stores, VoIP long distance termination & calling cards, construction, supply chain management, a tool company, translation services, collections agency, glycol recovery, health supplement retail store, a barber shop, dollar stores, and cloud storage.

Colin has developed proven business practices and processes that he uses to achieve success. He now uses these skills to help other businesses reach their true potential --and may even end up investing in some of those businesses.

What we do for you

We help business owners and executives improve their businesses’ profitability by singling out inefficient processes and suggesting a plan of action to implement more efficient processes. This is done in collaboration with a company’s existing team, in a friendly and communicative manner.

Colin James Consulting also helps rescue failing companies and turn them towards profitability. Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks or some additional financing to breath new life into a business.

How we work for your business

Colin James Consulting engages directly with your team and carries out research to fully understand the current state of your business and the processes being used. Once the issues have been identified, an action plan to implement changes is proposed.

In some cases, Colin James Consulting may even buy into the business thus becoming a partner with an invested stake.

Let's grow your business together 

Our goal is to help your business realize its true growth potential. We can do this together by using proven business techniques that will increase the efficiency of your practices and processes. Contact us today and learn how we can help your business.

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